Mentorship Opportunities

The Alumni Association offers ways for alumni to connect with current students to offer advise, encouragement and insight.

Dinner & Discussions

The Dinner and Discussion program offers a forum for alumni and groups of students to talk about careers in a relaxed setting where all questions are welcome. Students learn about paths they can pursue with an ODU education while alumni offer the benefit of their experiences. Send us an email if you would like to return to campus and share your insight with students.

Career Management Center (CMC)

The Career Management Center partners with the Alumni Association to match alumni with current students who share career interests. Learn more on the CMC website.

Future ODU Alumni Network
ODUAA administers an online Future ODU Alumni Network via Facebook connecting future alumni with recent graduates. By answering their questions and sharing insights from their student experiences, alumni can making lasting impressions upon the Associations' future members.

Want to be a Mentor?

Want to get involved in these and other mentoring opportunities? Register on the Lion's Den and indicate your interest in your online profile under the “Misellaneous Tab.” We'll make sure you hear about mentorship programs and opportunities.