Frequently Asked Questions About Chapters

Who belongs to a Chapter?
Like the ODU Alumni Association, chapter membership is free and open to all graduates of the university. If you meet a chapter's demographic, you are automatically considered a member. To be considered an active member, you must register on the Lion's Den and indicate your interest in the chapter(s) of your choice in the "Miscellaneous" section of your online profile.

Can people who did not graduate / attend ODU participate in chapter events?
To be considered an active member, you must be an ODU alum. However, we recognize that many people feel a tremendous amount of loyalty to ODU even though they may have never attended a class. We welcome all friends, fans, parents, students along with all graduates at chapter events.

Do chapters charge dues?
Alumni chapters cannot charge dues for membership. Though many chapter events are free, to offset costs, some events have a fee to attend.

How can I start a chapter?
Contact the Office of Alumni Relations and share your interest in starting a chapter. Working with you, the Office of Alumni Relations will evaluate whether there is a sufficient constituent population to support an ongoing chapter. There must be at least 250 alumni that meet your demographic. Chapters must maintain a minimum number of 50 registered members out of the target population of at least 250 or more.

To learn more about each of the steps involved in creating a chapter, download our "Process of Establishing an Alumni Chapter" (excerpted from the Alumni Chapter Handbook).

Who is invited to chapter events?
For most events, electronic invitations are sent to all alumni within a designated chapter area or demographic who have a vaild email address on file. In some cases, we will send a mailer to alumni without an email address on file.

To make certain you receive invitations to chapter events, make sure you register on the Lion's Den, indicate your chapter interest(s) in the "Miscellaneous" section of your online profile and keep your contact information current.

Who can obtain a list of alumni in our area / demographic?
Lists are only released to lead chapter volunteers directly involved in planning an alumni event. Lead chapter volunteers must complete a confidentiality agreement to receive this information. The lists cannot be given to any outside person or organization, nor can they be used for commercial or political purposes. The ODU Alumni Association does not share contact information for alumni who have expressed their desire to not be contacted by the university or its affiliates.