President's Page

O – D –YOU!

I realize that normally, you’d expect to see the letter U at the end there, but I think it’s more important that you, our alumni, see “You” as a vital piece of Old Dominion University. Here in 2012, the campus continues to grow and evolve in ways that some of us never thought it would. Our enrollment is solid, research is growing, our athletic program is succeeding on the national scene…and so much more. But, it takes the support of the more than 120,000 people who can call themselves ODU alumni to help the University continue to grow and prosper.

Your alumni association is positioned to be an active part of the University’s growth and transformation. In looking ahead to my year as President of the Alumni Association, I am excited to help mobilize alumni across the world in the common goal of supporting ODU. We have many key areas upon which we will focus in the coming year including engaging our young alumni base in meaningful ways, working to give alumni an avenue to participate in effective legislative advocacy, and expanding the opportunities for alumni to volunteer. Regardless of your location or class year, however, there are 3 things that all alumni everywhere can do to help their alma mater.

Make sure we can help connect you to ODU through the many communication options available. A great University magazine comes to you 3 times a year, and I encourage you to take the time to read about all of the great things happening as well as the profiles of featured alumni. The alumni association sends an electronic newsletter regularly, and maintains an up-to-the minute Facebook page. Not getting the magazine or the emails? Make sure we have your current contact information by registering with the association’s Lion's Den. Here, you can tell us what news you want to receive, and by keeping your contact information current, we can make sure that you receive notification of activities on campus and in your area. I often hear from alumni that they just assume we know when they’ve moved or gotten a new email address. Our alumni office staff is terrific, but we rely on you to help us know how to get in touch with you.

Get involved. We need your energy and enthusiasm to help promote ODU to current and future alumni in meaningful ways. Get involved with a local chapter near you, or volunteer to help start a new one. Help to recruit a new student to ODU, or be a mentor to a current one. Share opportunities for employment or internships at your company. Attend an event, or support the Monarch sports teams on the road in your area. I know that it’s often hard to find time to volunteer in today’s world, but I believe that each of us has been able to thank ODU for what it gave us, and in turn, we should try to do what we can to give back. Contact the office of alumni relations at to let them know that you’re interested in rolling up your sleeves!

Show pride in your alma mater and encourage other alumni to do the same. I love ODU, no question about it. I talk about the great things going on all the time and make a point to stop in the bookstore regularly to see what the latest piece of ODU gear is. I encourage you to do the same (or shop online if you can’t get to Norfolk). And use the information your alumni association shares with you to inform others about the University. We all know people who can’t seem to stop talking about where they went to school and how wonderful it is – become one of those people! You can also show your pride by supporting the Dominion Fund. A gift from you plays a vital role in helping ODU improve academic excellence.

Our alumni are one of the reasons that ODU is as strong as it is today. I ask for your help to make it stronger in the years to come. And please, take the time to come say hello at any alumni event we’re at together, or email me.

Stephanie Dickens ‘94

Old Dominion University Alumni Association President 2012-2013