Outstanding Scholar Awards

At each commencement ceremony, the graduating senior with the highest grade point average from each college and at least 60 credit hours is recognized with the Alumni Association's Outstanding College Scholar Award. Among these, the top graduate is selected as the Association's Outstanding University Scholar.

Recent Alumni Association Outstanding College & University* Scholars

December 2010

Arts and Letters: Heather Wood*

Business and Public Administration: Manuela Johnson

Education: Elizabeth Bickel

English: Michael Dominice

Health Sciences: Brandi Trounce

Science: Tracy Thornton

May 2010

Arts and Letters: Teresa Hewitt
Health Sciences: Katherine Glosson
Sciences: Ermal Rrapaj
Engineering & Technology: Bryan Mausteller
Business & Public Administration: Aaron Robbins*
Education: Kaitlyn Hemmrich

December 2009

Arts and Letters: Timothy Gorde
Health Sciences: Katie Kerr
Sciences: Ashley Shires*
Engineering & Technology: John Whitelaw
Business & Public Administration: Volha Just
Education: Carrie Cook

May 2009

Arts and Letters:Amy Wilkinson*
Health Sciences: Brittany Washko
Sciences: Laura Armstrong
Engineering & Technology: Matthew Davis
Business & Public Administration: Nelson Pimentel
Education: Sherri Norman

December 2008

Arts and Letters: Amy Arseneau
Health Sciences: Cassaundra Reynolds
Sciences: Jennifer Menke
Engineering & Technology: Katherine Sammons
Business & Public Administration: William Hightower
Education: Holly Brown*

May 2008

Arts and Letters: Kathryn Scanlan
Health Sciences: Fatimah Hunter
Sciences: Nicholas Rister*
Engineering & Technology: Shivam Shah
Business & Public Administration: Sebastian Amting
Education: Kelly Moore

December 2007

Arts and Letters: Monir C. Feezor
Health Sciences: April L. Ehrhardt
Sciences: Hali G. Wood
Engineering & Technology: Andrew J. Leedom
Business & Public Administration: Darius A. Malinowski*
Education: Susan Kroh

May 2007

Arts and Letters: Sharon C . Osborne
Health Sciences: Denise G. Quattlebaum
Sciences: Vassiliki Pravodelov
Engineering & Technology: Benjamin Keesee
Business & Public Administration: Michael J. Loftus
Education: Stephanie A. Mavredes

December 2006

Arts and Letters: Janelle C. Engle
Health Sciences: Lorri M. Jones
Sciences: William S. Parrish
Engineering & Technology: Andrew B. Frank
Business & Public Administration: Chad A. Gerber
Education: Robyn L. Markowitz

May 2006

Arts and Letters: Mary Catherine Gordon
Health Sciences: Dawn M. Livesay
Sciences: Carol J. Bonatz
Engineering & Technology: Errol Lars Yuksek
Business & Public Administration: Shannon D. McKimmey
Education: Sarah J. Huggins

December 2005

Arts and Letters: Nancy L. Brown
Health Sciences: Michael D. Bates
Sciences: Jennifer D. Duenas
Engineering & Technology: Michael J. Millam
Business & Public Administration: Eric J. Blomberg* and Steven C. Stanley
Education: Erin E. Long

May 2005

Arts and Letters: Angela Christine Sexton*
Health Sciences: Tina Marie Keesee
Sciences: Michelle Lynn Woods
Engineering & Technology: Jaime Scott Zahorian
Business & Public Administration: Allison Virginia Hawley
Education: Shanon Harrison Chau

December 2004

Arts and Letters: Mary E. Thorn*
Health Sciences: Lori Susanne Filer
Sciences: Sarah Anne Parish
Engineering & Technology: Michael Gerard Shannon
Business & Public Administration: Michelle Mae Sucgnag
Education: Kathy A. Morgan